Seattle Solid GOLD ‘Americana’ Quartet

Photo by Claudia Bibaud

Musicians in this group play multiple saxophones, including (from smallest to largest) the Soprillo, Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, C Melody, Tenor, Baritone and Bass saxophone, depending upon the requirements of the song.

The GOLD AmericanaSax Quartet is a special events ensemble that performs in the Seattle area at community center, parks and local event venues. This group plays a wide range of classical, pop, and jazz standards, with a focus on vintage sax music taken from the Americana playbook. You will find this fun ensemble at local dinner & reception venues to community and senior events.

ENJOY our demo album BLUE SKIES’ below:

If you would like to have something really different to entertain your community or to provide interesting background music at a reception or community center, consider the GOLD Americana Quartet!