‘Little Swing Band’

Maryhill Winery Dec 31, 2019

The ‘Little Swing Band’ was formed in 2019 to support a New Year’s Eve launch for a new winery in Woodinville, WA that wanted big band swing but didn’t have the space for a big band. LSB musicians include former touring professionals and the band is ideal for any swing dance event where space is limited.

Check out the audience iPhone video clip above: “King of Swing”

The ‘Little Swing Band‘ (LSB) is a small footprint dance band that performs vintage swing standards and modern high energy swing dance music tailored for smaller venues that cannot accomodate an entire 20pc big band.

Depending on size of the venue and needs of the party, this band can flex from 6-10 performers, including a rhythm section, 3-5 horns and 0-2 vocalists.

We cover all of the dance standards from vintage Basie and Sinatra to latin and waltz to modern high energy retro-swing like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

ENJOY our demo album HAYBURNER’ below:

Photo by Brian Fioca