Seattle Solid GOLD ‘Americana’ Sax Quartet

Photo by Claudia Bibaud

The GOLD Americana’ Sax Quartet is a special events ensemble that has been performing in the Seattle area since 2009. This specialty group plays a wide range of classical, pop, and jazz standards, with a focus on vintage sax music taken from the Americana playbook. You will find this ensemble at more intimate venues from dinners & receptions to community special events.

Musicians in this group play multiple saxophones, including (from smallest to largest) the Soprillo, Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, C Melody, Tenor, Baritone and Bass saxophones, depending upon the requirements of the song.

If you would like to have something really different to entertain your community or to provide interesting background music at a dinner or reception, consider the GOLD Sax Quartet!

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